The death of fragile creatures

Près des choses douces

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28 June 1900
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Warning: very image heavy journal.

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alternative comics, animals, anomalies in nature, antique illustrations, awkward & sad teenagers, baroque, beauty in uglyness, berries, blankets, blissful moments, blood, books, cabinets of curiosities, cartoons, ceramic animals, childhood, children's books, cinema, cooking, costume history, criminal psychology, cults, czech surrealism, dreamy music, dressing up, eating disorders, ethereal, european folklore, fairy circles, fairy tales, faraway lands, fashion dolls, fifties and sixties, film studies, floating islands, flower rain, fluffy and soft, forests, gentle magick, girly art, glitter, gruesome, hearts, history of food, history of prostitution, history of sexuality, horrible and shocking stories, horror manga, ice cream sundaes, idealism, imagination, india & the orient, innocence, international costume & traditions, japanese pop culture, kawaii, kitsch, kittens, love, magical kingdoms, maids, make-believe, medical curiosities, medieval art, mental illnesses, mermaids, mesh and lace, middle eastern culture, mountains, mountains of candy, movies, naps and blankets, never growing up, nonsense, nonstop hugs, nosebleeds, obsessive compulsive disorder, oriental folklore, outsider & naive art, paraphilias, pastries, pearls, photography, pink, poetic terrorism, pop culture, princesses, psychopathology, rainbows, random acts of kindness, rare diseases, retro, ribbons, rococo, seashells, secrets, sewing, shabby chic, shoujo, sickeningly sweet, sleep, snow, sociology, solitude, strange and beautiful, strange creatures, sudden daydreams, sugar, symbolism, tacky, takara, tanathology, teratology, thrift shopping, tiaras, toys, trashy tv, true crime, ugly girls, unique beauty, unusually long dreams, victorian maidens, video games, vintage, what disturbs me, whimsy, women studies, wounds and bruises, yokai

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